KYOM BAE / Principal

Attorney Bae  is Principal of Sisun Law LLC, concentrating his practice in the areas of Corporate Finance, Business Transaction, Real Estate Transactions, Estate Planning, and Taxation. Mr. Bae’s clients range from individuals to various sizes of corporate owners. He is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to safeguard business owners’ and investors’ interests in exploring their entrepreneurship. Mr. Bae’s scope of work includes business and real estate closing, reviewing contracts, negotiation, restructuring clients’ businesses and assets, re-financing, and devising estate plans to meet each client’s specific needs.

With his legal background in business law firm, corporation, and state court, as well as non-legal engagement in the marketing industry, Mr. Bae has developed a better understanding of the needs of business clients and various approaches to their legal matters. Mr. Bae consistently delivers sophisticated advices on all aspects of commercial transactions including settlement, tax issues, business negotiations, investment, and business entity management.

  •    EDUCATION   
  •    LANGUAGES   
  • Corporate Finance
  • Business Transaction
  • Real Estate Transaction
  • Estate Planning
  • Taxation
  • State of Illinois
  • U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois
  • United States Tax Court, Washington D.C.
  • Chicago-Kent, College of Law, J.D.
  • University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, B.A.
  • Korean
  • English