SANDY PARK / Paralegal

Ms. Park as Paralegal, focuses on the fields of Corporate Law, Business Transactions, including Franchise, Business Buy/Sell, Legal Entity Set-ups, Finance Restructuring, Commercial Settlement, and Bankruptcy. She helps clients ranging from individuals to various sizes of business owners where she ensures that documentation and transactional processes comply with government and court regulations.

With her professional experience spanning a multitude of different industries, Ms. Park has the knowledge to assist clients with whatever needs they have. Along with her bachelor’s degree from Dong-A University, Ms. Park has developed comprehensive perspectives and various approaches to business needs, financial issues, and legal matters of different types of clients.

  •    EDUCATION   
  •    LANGUAGES   
  • Corporate Law
  • Business Transaction
  • Bankruptcy
  • Estate Planning
  • Settlement
  • Dong-A University, B.A.
  • Korean
  • English